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Mexican Independence Day Party 2019 Bali

Back in September 2019, we were in Bali to experience a change of phase from the metropolitan city of Jakarta. To me, Bali is the city that literally never stop having a good time every night. Walking around Seminyak area, we saw hip restaurants, clubs, beach clubs, cafes and hotel lounges always having something to offer, whether it is on a weekday or the weekend. There are options to choose from on a daily basis; from Karaoke night, ladies night, Beatles night (yes, this is a tribute to the band), sunset party, waterpark party and even Grammy award winner intimate sessions are all laid out for tourists to pick from on the daily.

Mexican Independence Day 2019

Mexican Independence Day 2019. There are options to choose from on a daily basis; from Karaoke night, ladies night, Beatles night . Despite the political tension that was going on in Jakarta and certain government area in Bali, and the low season period during our trip, The party must go on! I guess I can only assume that this is why travelers falls in love with Bali and its culture, Bali never cease to amaze even a local traveler like me and my husband.

 Mexican Independence Day 2019

Despite having trouble to choose from all the good-time events that was offered, My husband and I decided to head down to Motel Mexicola for Mexico Independence Party on the 20th of September. We wanted to experience something that we have never experience before, Lucha Libre, a Mexican wrestling show. 

 Mexican Independence Day 2019
Costumes are welcome to this party

We’ve saw this in movies and films and read about everywhere but have never personally experienced this! Lucha Libre, what makes this wrestling show different from others is that this is a Mexican phenomenon. Traditionally, the wrestlers wear masks to show their wrestling persona. The masks acts as an alter ego of the wrestlers while covering their true identities.

 Mexican Independence Day 2019
The hallway is packed with party people

Thanks to technology and social media, we were showered with lots of preview of the event during the day from Motel Mexicola’s Instagram stories. Their Instagram stories shows snippets of Motel Mexicola transformation from their usual business hours layout to having a fight ring in the middle of their restaurants, colorful flags and mexican flags decorations in bright colours join in the festivity as well. By 3pm their social media updates are shown early comers already drinking and having the time of their life while watching the Mexican wrestlers prepping.

Independence Day Party 2019 in Motel Mexicola Bali

Better queue before your drink is finish

We came to join the festivity in Motel Mexicola at around 9pm as we had previous engagements with some friends. Traffic lines can be seen around 50metres before the venue. We ended up getting off from our Taxi and walked towards the venue. As we were walking towards Motel Mexicola, we can hear the music, we look at groups of people and foreign couples walking in front of us dressed up in their semi-casual party wear, ready to have a good time! All these sights and sounds build us up even more excitement and anticipations even before we were there! 

We were greeted by a chaotic line of people right at the entrance of Motel Mexicola. Traffic was not moving on both lanes, people were either dropping off at Motel Mexicola or leaving the place. I bet those who left are party hoppers that started out early in the evening! There were wrestlers in Masks giving out balloons and colorful flags hanging between the sky and Motel Mexicola entrance area. Their staffs who are dressed in pink and festivities came up to us with smiles and gave us the information to purchase our entrance ticket to the event. 

Mexican Independence Day. The entrance fee that we paid was converted into food and beverages tokens that can be exchanged inside during the event. After we paid and gotten our pink entrance bands and tokens we slowly made our way into the restaurant. The usual Motel Mexicola that I love was transformed into what feels like a circus/theme park! I instantly felt like a little kid at a candy store all over again! everything was screaming fun and good time! People smiling, dancing, singing and greetings strangers! The next thing we know, we were dancing, singing and smiling all night all the way till 4 in the morning!

What makes this probably one of the best events we attended this year was the kind of good vibrations and energy that is contagious even to their staffs and helpers! Although the place was full packed till the morning, their staffs and helpers never stop coming and offering their helps if we needed any. Even the security staff and cleaners were dancing, singing and laughing away through out the night! 

Mexican Independence Day, The next time you’re in Bali, I personally recommend to go visit Motel Mexicola and attend their events! This is probably one of the rare establishments that I’ve came across, that wants everyone, and when I say everyone, I MEANT EVERYONE, including their staffs to have a good time in their establishment!

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